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Frühbeete & Hochbeete


Carports & Überdachungen


Einrichtung und Zubehör


A greenhouse is an investment for life. “Your garden has always been something special” - It is for this reason that you trust in our innovative high-quality range of greenhouses “Made in Germany”.


Cold frames & raised beds

Solid workmanship down to the most minute detail and a wide array of standard equipment such as wide roof windows and automatic window openers make the difference.



Simple assembly and a great amount of stability are combined with each other in the best manner possible: especially with regard to our solid canopy roofing systems.


Equipment & accessories

Creative ideas for your home Practical and custom-fit accessories made especially for your quality product and supplied by us! Increase your benefit!

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Katalog Qualitäts-Gewächshäuser
Katalog Premium-Gewächshäuser

Made in Germany: Quality guaranteed