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Aluminum profiles are used for our products. This material is incredibly flexible to use. Despite maximum stability, the individual profiles are easy to handle. Aluminum constructions do not rust and are therefore extremely easy to clean. It is not necessary to paint or impregnate the profiles at a later date.

High-quality powder coatings in a variety of colors give your greenhouse or canopy an individual shine.


In powder coating, the coating powder is sprayed onto the workpieces with the help of electrical field forces and then cross-linked or fused to form a closed film. The powder melts at a stoving temperature of between 165°C and 185°C. The layer thickness is normally between 60 and 130 µm. The coating is extremely resistant to mechanical and chemical influences. This treatment is solvent-free and extremely effective in terms of consumption due to the possibility of recovering the excess powder.

Compared to wet paint coating, significantly higher layer thicknesses can be achieved in a single work step.


Polycarbonate is a very high-quality plastic, durable and highly break-resistant. The weight advantage makes it very easy to install. In addition, with sufficient thickness and an appropriate profile system, a very good insulation value is achieved for the overwintering of plants. The good light transmission guarantees optimum plant growth. Shading in strong sunlight is often not necessary, as the panels refract the light and do not burn the plants underneath (the so-called burning glass effect does not occur).

Last but not least, however, is the safety aspect, as the panels are virtually unbreakable and therefore pose no potential danger to you or your family. The standard “longlife” UV protection prevents premature ageing of the twin-wall sheets.


Real glass is particularly impressive due to its clear appearance and unobstructed view into the greenhouse. It is durable and easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface. With our premium models Galant & Novum, you have the option of equipping your greenhouse with real glass in the sides and gables. We only use 4 mm thick toughened safety glass (ESG for short) for these models. Real glass panes made of 4 mm thick toughened safety glass are easier and safer to handle than thinner panes made of normal glass.

Even if ESG should break, there are no large sharp shards that pose a risk of injury. The panes may need to be shaded to prevent the burning glass effect.


The aluminum composite panels consist of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminum cover sheets. The boards get their color from a high-quality lacquer system with primer. In addition to good stability, the aluminum composite panels are also highly UV-resistant and can withstand temperatures from minus 50°C to plus 80°C.

This means they can be used anywhere and are extremely weather-resistant. This is why we use the material not only for our carport systems, but also for the tool shed and the aluminum raised beds.

“Maximum stability thanks to AVP!”


You can recognize the true quality of a construction by the details. High-quality connecting elements, such as stainless steel screws, contribute to the long-lasting enjoyment of your greenhouse.