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  • Foundation of KGT-GmbH and start of construction of the production facility including administration building
  • Development of the first rose and orchid greenhouse models


  • Completion and occupation of the production facility Development of the new Lilie greenhouse series


  • Introduction of the Dahlie lean-to greenhouse, the Elbe and Weser carports and our own cold frame
  • All greenhouse models are now also available in moss green
  • Inclusion of various accessories in the program


  • Development of the Edelweiss tomato house
  • Opening up new markets and doubling sales volumes
  • Construction of a new 2,000 m² production and storage hall


  • Introducing the new Tulip greenhouse model with 16 mm ISO twin-wall sheets


  • The Flora greenhouse series is the new entry-level model in the KGT greenhouse world


  • Development of the Rhodo model range and the Callas greenhouse pavilion
  • Further development of the Premium cold frame series for smaller gardens
  • Expansion of the canopies product range with the Donau patio canopy


  • Further development of the existing greenhouse series
  • Inclusion of new models and new accessories in the portfolio


  • Construction of a new warehouse with 1,000 m²
  • Development of the new Linea greenhouse series
  • KGT quality products are available in more than 25 countries worldwide


  • Introduction of the Woody raised wooden bed, the matching cold frame attachment and the unique turtle substructures
  • Start of construction of a new logistics hall with an area of 1,500 m²


  • KGT celebrates its 10th anniversary
  • Start as a “two-man operation”
  • Further development into a medium-sized company with over 30 employees and customers in more than 25 countries worldwide
  • Introduction of the Jubilee model Jubilea based on the Linea greenhouse
  • Completion of the new 1,500 m² logistics center and commissioning of our in-house logistics
  • Planning for the conversion of the existing administration building


  • Construction of the new administration building
  • Relocation of the administration to ultra-modern, spacious offices with a conference and training room
  • Further development of the Rose, Orchid, Lily, Tulip and Linea greenhouse models with the introduction of the new innovative split hinged door incl. High-quality door handle


  • Introduction and sale of the new “greenhouse generation”
  • Appointment of Christian Berg as Managing Director


  • Expansion of the range to include the “premium greenhouse series” Galant and Novum


  • Introducing the Florence balcony patio greenhouse
  • Further development and redesign of the cold frame series
  • Development of the new Woody light wooden raised bed


  • Development of the new KGT raised beds made of aluminum in two sizes
  • Update of the Elbe carport in the trendy colors anthracite-grey and silver
  • Introduction of the Elbe equipment room as an extension of the Elbe carport
  • Presentation of the new KGT garden box in three different sizes


  • Presentation of the new Linea II AVP equipment room
  • Expansion of the machining facilities to include a new state-of-the-art 5-axis milling center


  • Introduction of the new Callas greenhouse as a new development of the Flora greenhouse
  • Redesign and new layout of the exhibition areas for the presentation of our products
  • Start of construction of a new warehouse with 1,000 m² storage capacity


  • Completion and occupation of the new storage areas
  • Presentation of the new Enzian and Jasmin greenhouses
  • Promoting the idea of sustainability and self-sufficiency