Button Made in Germany

Company profile

Facts & Figures

  • founded in 2004
  • Over 50 employees (2023)
  • approx. 7,500 m² production and storage area
  • Development, production and distribution of own:
    • Greenhouses with ISO twin-wall sheets (polycarbonate)
    • Greenhouses with real glass (ESG)
    • Cold frame systems
    • Aluminum raised beds
    • Wooden raised beds
    • Carport systems
    • Equipment storage
    • Accessory products

Mission statement

  • Quality and service are our strengths – and at fair prices!


  • Fast, smooth communication with our partners
  • Special designs according to customer requirements are possible
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Short standard delivery times due to production and storage of goods in Germany


  • Continuous further development of our products
  • Strict quality controls in our production and shipping departments
  • Cooperation with renowned suppliers
  • Production “Made in Germany”


Standard warranty period of 15 years on the aluminum construction and 10 years on the glazing


We develop and produce special models of various kinds and types at the customer’s request