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General tips and tricks:

  • Check the temperature in the greenhouse to make sure it is suitable for your plants.
  • Monitor the humidity in the greenhouse to prevent mold growth.
  • Pay attention to the type and amount of light your plants receive to ensure they grow properly.
  • Plan the planting of your greenhouse carefully to ensure that each plant has enough space.
  • Use appropriate fertilizers and watering techniques to ensure that your plants thrive.
  • Clean the greenhouse regularly to prevent mold growth and pest infestation.
  • Pay attention to the air circulation in the greenhouse to ensure that your plants receive sufficient oxygen.
  • Take the time of year into account when planning the use of your greenhouse to ensure that you grow the right plants at all times.
  • Only clean the greenhouse with water and, if necessary, a soft cloth. Use soapy water, never vinegar or acids. Acids could attack the UV coating.